BT Account Delete - How Can I Delete my BT Mail Account?

How Can I Delete my BT Mail Account?

BT account holder has the facility of creating anywhere between 1 to 11 email addresses. They may use them for their own use or for giving to another person. When an email address is given, it is called ‘gifting’ and becomes the complete responsibility of the person to whom it is gifted. However, it can still be deleted or delinked. 

 Delinking means when an email address has been given to another user, the account holder no longer wants it connected to their account. This is the only option available for a gifted email account. 

 At the same time when the email address user deletes the address, the account holder deletes an address that has not been gifted, premium mail service or BT Broadband is ceased, or there is a long period of inactivity and BT deletes is according to its policies, it is called deleting an email address. This option is only available to an account holder if the email address is linked to their ID. 

Deleting an Email address
In order to delete an email address, you will have to use your BT ID to log in to your My BT. If you have BT Broadband, click on Manage Extras, and click Manage BT Email. A Premium main user will have to click on Premium mail and then select Manage BT Email. Then, click on the email address or email addresses that you wish to delete. It may ask you for your password. You cannot delete a gifted account. 

This deleted email address will now stay active for sixty days, during which it can be undeleted by the user by buying a separate BT Broadband package, moving it to another Premium Mail or BT Broadband account that already exists, or buying Premium mail. 


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