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BT Mail - Moving my BT email Address to Another Account?

There are two methods of getting  BT email  services. Either you go for the email service that you get free with the broadband package from  BT , or the premium email service that needs to be paid for. Currently there also are a few users who use very old email addresses by BT that are not linked to any of these services right now. To link any BT email to a different BT Broadband or paid premium account, you need to be the gaining account’s account holder, an email address should already be linked to the gaining account and as far as the email account that you want to move is concerned, you need to know its email address. The move is possible even if there are more than the standard 11 email addresses linked to that gaining account. However, you will have to delete some email addresses before you start trying to create new ones. The first step is to use your BT ID to log in to My BT to check whether the billing account that will be gaining has a linked email account. H

BT Mail Login | BT Mail Sign In | BT Mail

BT Mail- Now just Login to Your BT Account by doing BTinternet check in and Manage BT Account. you'll also create a BT ID or do Password Reset. Website: BT Mail

BT Mail - Now Your BT Email Products | BT Mail Guidelines

BT Email Products: BT Email is the best email service that is provided by BT with the email addresses which end in Customers who had an email service with BT for a long time might use an email address which ends  or BT Email is a safe and secure web-based email service that can incorporate with other services like Calendar and Contacts. It also can operate with other email accounts so that you can customize all your emails from one place. As it is a web-based email service then you can access it from any of the internet connection from any computer or device, from any place in the world. To keep your BT account active for a longer period, you should log in and use the service on a regular basis. BT Mail What is the BT Email policy for using it? BT Broadband comes with optional mail service and provides you up to 11 inclusive email addresses to use by the account holder as well as other family members. To active you