BT Mail - Moving my BT email Address to Another Account?

There are two methods of getting BT email services. Either you go for the email service that you get free with the broadband package from BT, or the premium email service that needs to be paid for. Currently there also are a few users who use very old email addresses by BT that are not linked to any of these services right now.

To link any BT email to a different BT Broadband or paid premium account, you need to be the gaining account’s account holder, an email address should already be linked to the gaining account and as far as the email account that you want to move is concerned, you need to know its email address. The move is possible even if there are more than the standard 11 email addresses linked to that gaining account. However, you will have to delete some email addresses before you start trying to create new ones.

The first step is to use your BT ID to log in to My BT to check whether the billing account that will be gaining has a linked email account. Here, select Manage BTEmail. If there is no linked mail account, you will have to create one. No one other than the billing account that is gaining has the power to import email addresses. 

When you log in, you will be able to see a complete list of the email addresses that you have used. Here, select the option titled Import an email address. It will then ask for the password and username for the email that you wish to move. Once you’ve entered it, select Enter. If the email in question is connected to a separate BT ID, you will also have to give the details of that ID. 

The email address will then be displayed on your email management page after you receive a confirmation of the completion of the move.

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